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CLP Series

MSRP $219.00

MSRP $249.00

MSRP $369.00


The sleek, new CLP two-way radio reinvents two-way communications for retail, restaurant and hospitality markets. It starts with a sophisticated design that projects a polished image. Then, it makes the user experience completely comfortable and effortless. It’s a perfect fit for retail, restaurant, and hospitality environments where customer service and image are key.

Finally a comfortable two-way radio.

The new CLP is small and light-weight with an embedded antenna for discreet communications. It features multiple wearing options such as a magnetic carrying case or belt clip. CLP gets the job done without getting in the way.


CLP is available in a basic 1 channel (CLP1010) version and a 4 channel (CLP1040) version for businesses needing multiple talk groups. CLP is also compatible with third-party repeaters that can help eliminate dead spots and cover larger areas.

The ultimate in ease

One-button, push-to-talk operation and clear audio performance make CLP extremely easy to use. Don’t let the sleek, contemporary design fool you—it’s built to withstand the everyday wear and tear of your fast-paced business. The dependable, durable design and long battery life will stand up to the heavy use and round-the-clock shifts of any highly productive team.

Productivity with Personality

CLP allows your team to stay connected, reduce errors, and respond quickly to other team members and the needs of guests or customers. And look great doing it. Plus, there are no monthly fees or per-minute service charges. CLP combines comfort, durability and simplicity in a sleek new design, so your teams are more productive.