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Motorola Two-Way Radios for Retail

Improve The Customer Experience With Clear, Reliable Digital Radios

Transform Customer Service With Seamless Communications

In retail, the shopper’s experience is everything. It’s how browsing becomes buying, customers become brand advocates and how retailers influence the purchase path. By seamlessly connecting different teams and departments you help your operations run smoothly and provide excellent service to the customer the minute they walk through your door. Motorolas Business Two-Way Radios and Accessories have been specifically designed to meet the needs of your staff. Lightweight and discreet they ensure crystal clear and real-time communications and let you deliver exceptional customer service.


Motorola Radios allow discreet employee-to-employee communication and increase responsiveness to your customers’ needs

Benefits for Retail

  • Improves customer service with well-connected and informed staff.
  • Creates and engaging shopping experience for every customer.
  • Connects staff to real-time information.
  • Connects staff together instantly.
  • Improves managing employees and operations.
  • Increases customer satisfaction through better communication.

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