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RM Series

2 Watt UHF
MSRP $245.00

2 Watt UHF
MSRP $290.00

2 Watt UHF
MSRP $310.00

2 Watt VHF
MSRP $245.00

2 Watt MURS
MSRP $225.00


Built tough to do better business

Motorola RM Series two-way radios have the business smarts to help people work better together – coordinating resources at the construction site or monitoring production on the manufacturing line. They come with the right credentials to give business the competitive edge: exceptional quality, affordability and durability to outlast high noise, tough conditions and hard use.

Work Together Efficiently and Safely

Focus on the job with instant push-to-talk and customized channel announcements that keep your hands free…


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