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Two Way Radio FCC Licensing

Motorola CLS Series and RDX Series business radios utilize licensed, shared frequencies. It is the user’s obligation to license their radios properly so as to minimize interference with other business radio users. DTR & DLR Series and RDM MURS Series do not require licensing.

The FCC typically grants a user license to use a particular frequency in a given area — essentially a site license that covers all radios in service. You do not need to license each radio individually. Occasionally, frequency coordination is required by a local coordinator, which can add additional costs.

Please use the FCC’s Universal Licensing System (ULS) to apply for licenses. The URL’s can accessed here:

Additional information on licensing for business radio service can be found at:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 559-627-2929 or email:


MOTOROLA, INC. warrants its Business Radio products (includes CLP, CLS, DTR RDX, RDM Series, and PR400) against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 2 years from date of end user purchase. Radio accessories are warranted for a period of 1 year from date of end user purchase. Rechargeable batteries will be replaced during the applicable warranty period if: (a) the battery capacity falls below 80% of rated capacity, or (b) the battery develops leakage.

Procedure for Customers to Replace an In-Warranty Radio :

The returned radio(s) are to be accepted only if they are complete with battery, antenna, charger, belt clip and proof of purchase to verify initial purchase date. If proof of purchase is not available then warranty date is determined by the radio’s serial number. (See Chart Below).
Stevens Wireless will then is ascertain that the radio(s) are truly defective in workmanship and/or materials. This does not include close encounters of the forklift/steamroller kind, toilet dunking or a brief swim in toxic chemical pools or cement mixers.

Things to check BEFORE sending in

Rechargeable Battery operation (Swap batteries with known working unit); Antenna connection; Coded Squelch settings; User knowledge of radio operation.

Procedures to Return an In-Warranty Unit for Replacement:

After checking all above conditions, call Stevens Wireless at 559-627-2929 or email for a return authorization number.

Return defective unit(s) via prepaid method to:

Stevens Wireless

2225 East Mineral King

Visalia, CA 93292

Be sure to include with your return:
Proof of original end user purchase with invoice copy, date of purchase and radio serial number.

Your proof of purchase from Stevens Wireless (copy of Stevens Wireless invoice).

A clear description of the problem.

The battery, battery charger, belt clip, antenna and radio.

Upon confirmation by Stevens Wireless of an in-warranty defect, we will send a replacement unit to you via prepaid, ground freight.


Decoding Motorola Serial Numbers for Warranty

Unless a proof-of-purchase document is provided, warranty is based on radio serial numbers. Each radio is assigned a unique serialnumber with the second and third alpha characters indicating date of manufacture. Serial numbers can be found under the battery and also on the product packaging. If attaching identifying stickers to radios, please do not obscure the serial numbers. Radios with illegibleserial numbers will be considered out-of-warranty regardless of when they were purchased.

123 A B C 1234

A = 2000N = 2012
B = 2001P = 2013
C = 2002Q = 2014
D = 2003R = 2015
E = 2004S = 2016
F = 2005T = 2017
G = 2006U = 2018
H = 2007
J = 2008
K = 2009
L = 2010
M = 2011
A or B January
C or D February
E or F March
G or H April
J or K May
L or M June
N or P July
Q or R August
S or T September
U or V October
W or X November
Y or Z December