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Motorola Two-Way Radios for Hotels & Resorts

Connect Different People, Departments and Facilities Together for Exceptional Guest Service.

Improve The Way Staff Work Together

When hotels and resorts rely on the right communications technology, they create a real-time flow of information between different departments and diverse personnel. From valet services to housekeeping, connected staff are well-equipped to be more responsive to guests.

The right communications improve productivity by keeping assets and facilities up and running smoothly. Whether repairing a room air conditioner or replenishing food in a banquet hall, available staff members can act immediately when they are seamlessly connected.

When hotels respond quickly to requests, they deliver the exceptional service that guests expect, and that keeps them coming back. Hotel executives agree – they say “driving more revenue” and “enhancing guest services” are their top two goals for investing in technology.

“We need all our employees to be informed of what happens, all through the resort. Our resort is divided into engineering, security, housekeeping and the front desk. They all use two-way radios for internal as well as interdepartmental communication.”

IT Director, Acqualina Resort & Spa, Florida

Benefits for Hotels and Resorts

  • Differentiate your property through exceptional service.
  • Address requests quickly.
  • Ensure security with instant, discreet communications.
  • Make workflow more efficient and staff more productive.
  • Decrease the cost of redundant systems.

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